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Welcome to
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Positive Interactions. Positive Experiences. Positive Reinforcement.

Pets are furry family members and deserve the same love and respect as their humans. My mission with Positive Paws Pet Services is to help enrich the lives of these special creatures and strengthen the human-animal bond by providing positive experiences through loving care, exercise, training, and behavior advice.

Why Positive Paws?

  • Owned and operated by a licensed veterinary technician with years of experience treating and caring for patients, as well as managing an animal hospital   What is an LVT?

  • Insured and registered sole proprietorship based in the state of Maryland

  • Knowledge and skills to respond quickly and appropriately to signs of illness or medical problems; and more importantly, take steps to avoid them in the first place

  • No negativity - No aversive devices, reprimands, or negative actions in the care of your pet

  • Elite Fear Free Certified Professional - Specialized training in animal behavior, body language, and appropriate training and handling techniques to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress   What is Fear Free?

  • Tailored services to meet your needs

  • Firmly believe in treating my clients the way they want to be treated

  • Fellow pet parent - those three pictured above are mine!

  • Attention to detail, reliable, responsible

  • Support local business


Reliable, affordable, trustworthy care provided by an experienced, licensed veterinary professional

Mid-day Dog Walk or Run

Rate: $20 to $25 per walk

Dogs of all ages benefit physically and mentally from 5-10 minutes of stimulating play or exercise twice a day. Exploration and play helps keep old dogs young and young dogs appropriately stimulated (so they’re not as intrigued by socks on the floor, or food on the counter). Mid-day walks are perfect for busy families, puppies, high energy dogs, and older dogs who may need extra attention.

I provide 20-30 minutes of walking, running, and/or playing for up to 2 dogs at a time. If weather or other factors interfere with outdoor play time, I have games and activities that can be played indoors to make sure your dog still gets the mental stimulation needed each day. While visiting your home, I will also fill water bowls, give treats and any food or medication needed, and perform any additional requested grooming or medical services.

I use Scout so you get real-time updates about your dog's walk, GPS tracking, photos, and a report card. Scout allows you to make schedule requests, automate payments, and update yours and your pet's information as needed. Just download the Scout for Pet Parents app!

Mid-day walks are available Monday through Friday and are performed between 10am and 3pm. Call, text, or email me to discuss your pet's needs and schedule service.

*10% discount when 12+ walks scheduled per month*

Pet Sitting

Rate: $30+

While you're away, you can relax knowing your pet is in the care of someone you can trust to care for him or her as one of their own. Plus, placing your pet under the supervision of an experienced veterinary medical professional allows you the peace of mind that should a medical problem arise in your absence, it will be handled appropriately and efficiently.

Pet sit visits include feeding, watering, exercising, and socializing. Additionally, mail and packages may be collected and brought inside, trash and recycling taken to the curb, plants watered, etc.

I use Scout so you get real-time updates about your pet's care, GPS tracking of any walks your dog goes on, photos, and a report card. Scout allows you to make schedule requests, automate payments, and update yours and your pet's information as needed. Just download the Scout for Pet Parents app!

Additional services available include:

  • Anal gland expression

  • Bath

  • Brush and clip mats

  • Ear cleaning +/- plucking

  • Nail trim +/- dremel

  • Shave down

Call, text, or email me to schedule service! I have limited availability for this service and will give preference to pets with existing medical conditions (including anxiety-related disorders).

Training and Behavior

The number one reason for pet relinquishment to shelters is inappropriate behavior.

Many pets suffer from behavioral disorders, including fears, phobias, and anxiety. I can provide counseling to help you and your pet cope with and overcome these issues. Behavior consultations are $30 per hour and begin with a thorough behavior questionnaire and in-person meeting. Please contact me if you are interested in a consultation.

To get your puppy started on the right paw, Puppy Start Right Preschool is a puppy socialization and basic training course for puppies in the critical socialization period (7-16 weeks of age). Puppy parents attend an online orientation followed by four 1-hour in-person classes with other puppies and families. Alternatively, you may choose to have private lessons, but the group class is highly recommended for socialization purposes. Classes are held once per week and provide opportunities for puppies to safely explore, socialize, and be exposed to new things. A properly socialized and trained puppy is polite, less likely to have behavior disorders including fear and anxiety, and more likely to be a companion - rather than a nuisance.

Puppy Start Right Preschool requires active participation in class and at home. Your puppy will learn from YOU, which will create trust in YOU, and allow YOU and YOUR puppy to bond.

Group classes are limited to 6 puppies. One-on-one, in-home classes are available by request. Registration includes orientation and 4 in-person classes, Puppy Start Right book, Puppy Start Right video package, treat pouch, and clicker.​

*Group classes not currently available, please contact me if you'd like to be notified once they become available again*

To register, please:

1. Click here to Book Online

2. You’ll receive an email with the Vet Health Certificate form to be completed prior to your first class (group only), instructions for accessing the videos, your puppy’s class schedule, and next steps for retrieving class materials and completing Orientation.

Group class: $135

Private class: $275

Veterinary Professional Services

Rate: $25/hour

I have over 7 years of veterinary experience (general practice), half of those years as a licensed veterinary technician and practice manager. I have always enjoyed mentoring and teaching new staff, and have a variety of skills and knowledge that I would love to share with your team. My primary interests are pain management, behavior, and dentistry.

I can provide the following services for your clients in their homes:

  • Bandage changes

  • Subcutaneous fluid administration

  • At-home blood glucose curve for diabetics

  • Hot spot clean up

In your practice, I can help with:

  • Relief technician

  • Team Training

  • Fear Free implementation

References from veterinarians with whom I’ve worked closely available upon request.

Fear Free Lectures and Training

Rate: $100/hour

If you are a:

  • Veterinarian

  • Animal hospital owner or practice manager

  • Dog trainer

  • Pet sitter

  • Dog walker

  • Pet parent

  • Groomer

  • Pet services provider of any kind

and you would like to learn about Fear Free, please contact me! I can provide lectures, lunch and learns, and training for you and your team.

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Serving La Plata, MD and surrounding communities

(804) 393-0998